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Pocket Digger

On your mission to explore a burried temple and dig as deep as you can, you find mystical artifacts.
Equipping these artifacts grants you powerful bonuses and thrilling active skills!

Project Facts

Pocket Digger is a 3D idle clicker game for android and iOS. Tap the blocks to dig deeper and deeper and discover ancient artifacts which help you to get more powerful.

Most of the time I was the leading programmer. I planned and structured the code and implemented the mechanics and features. For a period of 3 months I had a programming intern helping me expanding the project. I also created and drafted game design concepts. Heavily during the first few weeks of the projects, but also during the concrete project phase.

I developed this game with a team of 4 for the company vividchain AG.
Working period: September 2019 – April 2020
Used software: Unity3D

My fields of responsibility: Prototyping/ Conceptual Design, Code Architecture & Programming, Technical Art, Implementation in Unity


My Tasks

Prototyping/ Conceptual Design, Code Architecture & Programming, Technical Art, Implementation in Unity
We were a relatively small team, so I had to work on very different areas. I consolidated my knowledge of code architecture and implemented mechanics into an already established system. Additionaly I worked again with analytics and ad plugins like ironSource, GameAnalytics and Facebook. Especially creating concepts for usefull analytics events was very interesting.

I improved a lot in UI implementation. At the end of the project my workflow was well-established and really fast. I learned a lot more about dynamic UI and the seperate UI components. I also helped with particle systems and feedback effects.

In Addition I helped the game designer with creating concepts. I prepared concepts for mechanics and features and improved already established systems.
One of the most helpful aspects of game development I learned was the project management. We used the Scrum system. The combination of Scrum and the website "Monday.com" worked very well for me. The planing helped me a lot on focusing on my tasks while at the same time thinking about the whole project and where we want to head. I think I improved my efficiency a lot during this project.

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