You can move objects with you telekinese powers. Use them to clear the way and defeat enemies to reach the end without harm!

Project Facts

Mambo is a 2D action adventure. The game includes puzzles and fights to test the skills of the player. It is playable with controller or keyboard on Windows.

This game was my second semester project. I worked in a group with Yannick Pawils and Linda Oberpaul. Together we created the concept. I mainly coded the gameplay mechanics and the save system. As a group we developed an artstyle in which I was responsible for the background art and art implementation. We worked self dependent and used programs like Jira and Confluencer to keep track of our progress and our tasks.

This game was part of my second semester at HTW Berlin.

Marie, Linda, Yannick
Working period: May – August 2016
Used software: Unity, Photoshop, Spriter

My fields of resposibility: game system design, artstyle design, gameplay programming, background art

My Tasks

Game System Design | Programming | Artstyle Creation | Asset Creation | Unity Implementation
This was my first real game project. We were 3 people and it was very interesting to discover all the possibilities. We used analog prototyping and I learned a lot about level design.

Another important lesson was the planning of the different workflows. I helped with the artstyle creation and was responsible for the background assets. It took some time to find a good workflow, especially in combination with the level design.
We tried to include as many playtestings as possible to balance the game as best as possible.

And I learned a lot about programming. I was responsible for parts of the gameplay programming. I worked close with Yannick, the second programmer. I also gathered experiences regarding lists, menus and sound programming.

Making Of

Build (136MB)