Don’t get cheesy!
Build pipes to conquer your enemies side,
trouble him with your private Mouse and don’t forget
to think tactically to win the delicious cheese!

Project Facts

Mice’N’Pipes is an local 1 vs 1 strategy game. It is a digital Boardgame. You tilt the tablet, to switch players.

It is a digital boardgame, that means it's a round based 1vs1 game. Every player possesses on side of the board. The goal is to reach the other side and to protect their own side. To reach said goal the player has different options. Firstly they can build pipes. To build them they need resources. Once a resource field is connected to the own side by pipes, it is possible to use them.

Every player has two mice. With these mice it is possible to sabotage the other player, or to break free from the other players sabotage. In each round the player can build pipes and move the mice.

This game was part of my third semester. Our team were 4 students from the HTW Berlin and we worked about 2 months on this game.

Team: Marie, Jules, Eva, Arvid
Working period:
 December 2016 – February 2017
Used software: Unity, Photoshop, Confluence

My fields of responsibility: game system design, visual supervision, gameplay programming

My Tasks

Game System Design | Programming | Artstyle Creation | Visual Supervision | Unity Implementation
It was my first 3D game so we decided for a simple artstyle and limited gameplay. Our first attempt was a completely different game. But we weren't happy with it, so we started over. It was a hard thing to learn, but it was the right decision. So the most important thing I learned during this project is to focus on the gameplay. If not even the prototyped gameplay is fun, you should do something about it, even if it means to start from the beginning again.